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PS Tsunami

PS Tsunami EA is a multi-currency that works on any timeframe.

Not used strategies of high-risk operations as martingale, but if you convert losing trades into winners through a strategy of coverage. If an initial moves in negative terrain, the recovery mechanism will enter into operation and place orders above or below the current price, which generates a combined profit based on the point of balance.

Please read this carefully.

  • This EA has an optional feature to make hedging, please make sure that your account supports hedging.
  • The default configuration is optimized to work with the EURUSD M5. No system is optimal for all pairs, and each pair needs its own parameters. Please contact the author to get settings for different currency pairs.
  • No system is best all the time, because there are moments before news or events that logically should not have the EA in operation (Brexit, announcements on monetary policy, etc). Unfortunately in a backtesting there is no way to select periods within the period where do not work.
  • If during a backtesting detects large drawdowns keep in mind that with a minimum of sanity when choosing in that moment and pair the EA in operation, these drawdowns are entirely preventable.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Works for ECN/Non-ECN brokers and 3-4-5 digits.
  • Total net exposure is pre-calculated.
  • Trade micro-accounts from 1,000$.
  • Any type of leverage.
  • Ideal for Virtual Private Server (VPS).


  • Lots: 0.01 (It is recommended that 0.01 lots for each 1,000$.)
  • Maximum Risk: Used if Lots = 0. (Use with caution and keep in mind that both profits and the drawdown will be exponential.)
  • Hedging: True/False (Buy/Sell in the same instrument. It can be dangerous depending on the capital account. Test and enable/disable it taking into account the consequences and assuming the risk.)
  • Magic Number: 12358
  • Variable_1 to 6: Internal variables to be able to perform optimizations/backtesting. Please contact the author to get settings for different currency pairs.


Miguel Angel Vico Alba. IT Engineer and Freelance Trader. CEO at Pathfinder Systems. Developer of Technical Indicators and Expert Advisors for MetaTrader.

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