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The indicator's main objective is to define a trend direction, power and potential reversals calculating the ratio of each candle's squared average price gradient (High-Low).

Based on the calculations, the indicator shows:

  1. Trend reversal;
  2. Trend direction;
  3. Trend power.

The recommended timeframes are M1 and M5.

In this case, the indicator is based on the M15 timeframe trend direction.

When working on timeframes higher than M5, the indicator does not use a higher timeframe in its analysis.

When signals match each other, for example:

  • Current Sugnal: BUY;
  • Trend Power: Strong;
  • Trend Direction: UP.


  • Current Sugnal: SELL;
  • Trend Power: Strong;
  • Trend Direction: DOWN,

consider entering the market in the appropriate direction.

The indicator can be used either as a standalone trading system or as an addition to other system.


  • Info position - text connection angle;
  • Info Text - text color;
  • Pop-up Sound Alert - pop-up signal alert;
  • Email Alert - email signal alert;
  • Push Alert - enable push notifications;
  • Buy Color - buy arrow color;
  • Sell Color - sell arrow color;
  • No trend Color - flat color.
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