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Market Watch Scroller Demo

A useful utility for those who use a single strategy for a relatively large number of symbols.

This version is designed for evaluation of the Market Watch Scroller features, therefore, it only works with the first 5 symbols in the list. There are no other restrictions.

Visually consists of 2 buttons for scrolling the pairs, that are displayed in the Market Watch and two additional ones (see the screenshot):

  • button for switching forward by one symbol in the Market Watch list
  • button for switching back by one symbol in the Market Watch list
  • fast switching button (set to one symbol)
  • button for opening a copy of the chart (creates a full copy of the current symbol's chart for further detailed analysis)

The list is looped, i.e. the first symbol follows the last. Accordingly, the first symbol in the list precedes the last.

The distinctive feature is a set of filters.


  • Fixed symbol button - specify the symbol for fast switching (if nothing is specified, uses the first symbol in the Market Watch). It is possible to specify an incomplete name. For example, if the list has only one symbol that contains XAU, the partial name (XAU) will be automatically expanded to XAUUSD. If there are multiple such symbols, the first one will be assigned.
  • 'Must have' list - list of the elements that must be contained in the symbol. Otherwise, the symbol will be skipped. For example, if you trade on the majors, specify USD. All crosses and indices will be ignored, as the instrument names do not contain the USD combination. Other desirable filters may be specified, separated by commas. For example, if, in addition to majors, you need the DAX index, pairs including EUR and CADJPY, the entry will look as follows: USD,DAX,EUR,CADJPY
  • Exceptions list - filter opposite the previous one. Specify the symbols that you want skipped when scrolling. Please note: the utility scrolls the pairs displayed in the Market Watch. That is, the effect of this filter is similar to hiding the instrument from the main list.
  • Prefix - to avoid possible conflicts with other indicators/experts, which create objects on the chart. In most cases, the default value should not be changed.
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