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This trading system uses averaging and martingale, as well as stop loss. The system performed well in testing on a live account. It makes a large number of deals.

The EA can be used in automatic or semiautomatic mode. For example, to trade only at a certain time, on a quiet market or during news releases. The EA provides the ability to limit the maximum expiration time of the order grid, thus avoiding prolonged deep drawdowns.

The EA is recommended for use on the EURUSD currency pair, M1 timeframe. Also, the recommended minimum deposit is 10 000 USD or cents per 0.01 starting lot. It is better to start by using a cent account, and only move to a standard account if the performance is acceptable. Recommended leverage is 1:500.

Please note, testing the EA in the strategy testing of the trading terminal does not generate reliable results. The testing results and live trading results may differ greatly, with the better results achieved on a real account. This is due to positive slippage when closing multiple deals by take profit.

I will also try to demonstrate the operation of the Expert Advisor via signals in real time.


  • Exponent - multiplier for the subsequent lot;
  • Initial Lot - initial lot size;
  • Take Profit- take profit in points;
  • Pip Step - the minimum offset between orders;
  • Max Trades - the maximum allowed number of deals;
  • Use StopLoss - use stop loss (true - yes; false - no);
  • Max Loss - maximum consecutive losses (in the deposit currency);
  • Use TimeLimit - use a time limit for a series of orders (true - yes; false - no);
  • Max Time Hours - the maximum expiration time for a series of orders (in hours).
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