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Welcome to my trading robot, that uses full-time hedging at 100% time in trade!


The Robot uses Martingale strategy with adaptive step sizes for all buy/sell series. The volume for each newly opened position of a trade series can be setup as linearly or exponentially increasing (or even a mix of both), with an upper limit on maximum volume per position!

Unique "Presell" strategy, to make use out of oscillations between open positions, when the take-profit is not reached yet. In this case at least the last position of a trading series is closed with profit, based on a custom logic. This can happen several times, the profit ist accumulated and partly offset with the profit of the whole trading series, to bring it faster to an end!

Additional Info

If the number of open position per trade series (buy/sell) reaches the configured number of maximum positions, the behavior of the bot can be changed (i.e. step sizes can be increased). Further positions can still be opened with the effect of closing the first position of the trade series as a means for stop-loss.

The MA-Indicator is used to reduce the effect of short-term peaks on the decision logic when it comes to opening new positions.

Very robust trading! No esoteric indicators or optimization / fitting to old data!


The GUI is simple and clear, it gives even quantitative feedback (percentage) how near the bot is to performing a new action. The info are divided into buy and sell trades. They read:

  • Profit of the whole trading series; Extra-Profit due to presell; Number of Positions opened.
  • NP = "New Position": Trigger: Is the bot actively searching for opening a new position? Percentage of how near it is to be triggered an then how near it is to actually open a new position.
  • PS = "Presell": Trigger: Is a presell of the last position going to happen? Percentage of how near it is to be triggered an then how near it is to actually perform presell.


The bot can be attached to charts in any timeframe, because it operates on a tick-basis. However switching of the timeframe after the bot is attached should be avoided! Switching leads to MetaTrader reinitializing the bot, which means, that internal variables get lost (i.e. the accumulated presell wins and the trigger values as well as the percentages).

The Settings

  • StopTrading?: Set true, to prevent the bot from starting new series.
  • StartLot: Volume of the first position.
  • Volufactor: Factor by which the volume is multiplied for the next position.
  • Volusummand: Volume to be added for the next position. (Multiplication first, then addition).
  • Volulimit: Upper limit for the volume of positions.
  • Stepsize in Pip: Trigger-distance from when the bot is actively searching for a new entry point for a new position. The actual opening of positions is dependent on the market conditions, so the step sizes are adaptive and can be a lot bigger. The opening of a new position will be cancelled automatically, if its step size would be half or less than the entered value.
  • Stepsize when full: If maximum number of positions is reached, this triggering step size will be used.
  • Max Positions: Maximum opened position for every series.
  • Unique ID: "Magic Number". The bot will only work with positions that were opened with the same ID AND refer to the same currency-pair that the bot is attached to.
  • TP in Pip: Take-Profit line.
  • MA-Period in M15: Averaging period in M15-steps used for smoothing of the graph. Lower value means faster response on changing price levels which leads to more frequent opening of new positions. This gives more trades per time at higher risk. Higher values eradicate peaks and slows down the opening of new positions which gives less trades per time at lower risk. Trading is then based more on trends than on peaks.


Trading on EURUSD with the standard settings. Recommended Balance: 500 € per 0.01 Startlot as a good trade-off between risk and actually "working money". This is far from optimized but it gives You a pretty robust trading system. Any optimization to Your needs is left to You ;)

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