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Marneni Scalper

Marneni Scalper is 2 trades hedge trade system. It open trades based on candles high and low points but not at every candle. if first trade successfully get profit it will close at close signal generation point, otherwise the second trade will open with 400% higher lot size. The stop lose activates to the second trade only and no take profit applied to this app.

It is suitable to use at highly fluctuated or longer time trends declared stocks or currency pairs. Ex. USDJPY

To view performance of and guidance to use this product observe this signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/272820

Better time frames are 15 minutes or above.

Better time to use this Scalper is

  • Asia markets opening time,
  • UK markets open time,
  • US Markets open time,
  • any highly impressive *** news attempting time. Till the fluctuations end.

With liberal lot size and sufficient balance ratio possible to run it 24 hours also. To run 24 hours stop lose should maintain little far.

Example: 0.01 lot size to every $250 USD of account balance.

Minimum stop lose level is included. predefined level is already fix's by the broker as a minimum allowed stop lose level. If user defined below this level the EA re write the broker predefined level is the current stop lose level.

Lot size cut off level is included to the first order. as per the formula if first order fails then second order need to open with 400% higher lot size. That's why the first order lot size didn't cross the level of 25% of the broker's maximum lot allowed range.


  • Eligible_Spread: It must want to maintain in narrow range at lower time frames. If account spread crossed the user defined level then the ea stop trading temporarily. By default value is 10 spread only
  • Target: It is to set target level to the EA. If account equity cross the user defined level then EA automatically close trades and stop trading.
  • Lot_Optimization: By default it is false. It means first trade lot size is equal to user predefined value at "Lot_Size" input. 2nd trade lot size is 400% to the first order. true means: Lot size calculate as per current free margin
  • Devid_Balance_By: To divide free margin at Lot_Optimized Mode.
  • Stop_Lose: It is by default 1000 pips but to run account 24 hours with this ea at-least maintain at 3% of the script range.

Note: This EA Trade orders 20 to 30 per day if trends are good. If Trades are not closed 2 to 3 days that means we want to close manually at the week end.

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