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Loots Breakout Free

Loots Breakout is a complex, fully automatic expert which analyses the market all day long and acts if there is an opportunity of gaining pips.

This Expert was designed to make gains in the face of external shocks and market disruptions (Brexit, US elections, etc.). Therefore, it does not provide optimal solutions in typical range and trend situations.

The risk is very low. The expert might not act every day, sometimes not even every week. Loots Breakout exploits every situation it deems beneficial in high frequency trades.

A good ping to the server is recommended but the program will also work with lower connection rates. In test runs 60ms have been found to be still adequate.

A broker with low spread is also recommended, as the EA will stop above a spread size of 3.0.

As soon as the price is close to the entries, the program will stop redrawing the graphic elements to provide the correct entry.

Short holding time: The average trade length is around 14 seconds.

Choose any timeframe you prefer. The expert is working on M1 and will go on even if you switch to W1.

Restriction: The Free Version will only work on USDJPY with 0.01 Lot.

Gennadiy Voltornist
2017.02.16 10:20 

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Eleni Anna Branou
2017.02.08 09:49 

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