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The indicator shows support/resistance levels at chart, where the price was the most of the time.

Following a period, when price is moving in flat zone, the movement phase begins inevitably, and ends at the next price level. LevelsMarker identifies the most important price levels used by traders to trade.

The level color depends on the strength and it changing from the weak levels color to the strong level color.

Also, for more convenience, you can purchase the LevelsMarker script.

Indicator settings:
  • count bars - a parameter which determines the depth of the history of price analysis;
  • recalc period - recalculation indicator of a bar specified in the parameter;
  • timeframe - payment can be made on the time frame other than the timeframe for which the levels are applied , as in smaller, and in a big way;
  • factor levels detailing - a parameter which determines the number of levels in the selected price range , the larger the value, the less will be located levels;
  • color for the minimum force levels - the color of the weakest in strength levels on the chart , depending on the power level, the color gradually changes to the color of the strongest levels;
  • color maximal strength levels - the color of the strongest levels;
  • thickness of the line level - allows you to change the line thickness;
Daniel Andrejczuk
2017.11.09 13:55 

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Version 1.2 - 2014.04.02
Improved level search algorithm.
Version 1.1 - 2013.11.11
Improved search algorithm levels