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Weis Wave

The indicator determines supply and demand on any markets. it is based on the idea from the book "A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method" by David Weis.

It works on any volumes and shows the total volume in waves.

The indicator is good at defining divergences, the beginning and end of a trend and the presence of a supply/demand in a trend.


  • Volumes - tick or real volume
  • History - history
  • Period - period (recommended 3)
  • UP-wave - color up wave
  • DN-wave - color dn wave
  • Temporary wave - color temporary wave
  • Thickness - thickness histogram
  • Line volume - displaying line volume

for a more clear picture of the market I recommend to use together with a duplicating indicator:


Andrey Mukhin
Andrey Mukhin 2018.09.17 16:14   

У меня после обновления перестал работать.

и ещё зря убрали переключатель Single/Cumulative

Version 2.0 2018.09.13
изменён алгоритм построения волн на более точный, убраны лишние настройки