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The Bars

The Bars is an indicator which displays the Height of bars. The Bars will show you the height of each bar, setting each low as the zero point. The Bars can be used for manual trading or built into an Expert Adviser for automated trading.

It is presented as a histogram where you may change the colors for Bull bars and Bear bars.

  • This indicator removes the trends of price movements so that you can focus on Bull and Bear bars more clearly.

Automated Trading

For automated trading, use the indicator buffer of the double type:

  1. Bull (upward moving) bars - buffer 0.
  2. Bear (downward moving) bars - buffer 1.
  3. Note that results of exactly zero are always Empty Values.

Input Parameters

  • There are no input parameters. Just drop it on the chart and you're good to go!

The Bars was created by Hilton Global LLC.

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