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Comparator US Market

This analytical tool (implemented as an indicator) selects the best stocks at any given time according to your strategy.

The following functions are implemented in the indicator:

  1. Tile - simultaneous preview of all stocks from the Market Watch window on different timeframes for comparing and selecting the best stocks according to your strategy;
  2. Ability to place the graphical analysis on the same chart for all stocks, and to make it not visible on other charts.
  3. Virtual trading on a real account to improving your trading skills faster. Deals are recorded on the chart as graphical objects;
  4. Quick view of the stocks from the Market Watch window on different timeframes using the Arrow keys;
  5. Two additional charts linked to the main chart. Index chart. Removed by pressing a button. Easily scalable, timeframes can be changed;
  6. All functions can be controlled using hotkeys;
  7. Built-in manual available.


  • Index: Index of the market, on which you are trading. For example, SPY
  • LotStart: Starting lot for the virtual trading
  • TileX: The number of windows in the tile horizontally
  • TileY: The number of windows in the tile vertically
  • Leverage: Leverage allowed by the broker for trading the instruments
  • CommissPerTrade: Broker commission per operation
  • FirstDateForSyncro: The date from which to start the synchronization of the history data
  • Color_Line_TP: Take profit line color
  • Color_Line_SL: Stop loss line color
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