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Spread Creator

The Spread Creator is a spread indicator, which allows you to create your own arbitrage spread or to splice (Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide) any 3 instruments with each other.

The arbitrage spread can be used for arbitrage between multiple instruments or for creating your own indicator.

Brief instruction

The indicator can be attached to any instrument (not necessarily on symbol_1, symbol_2 or symbol_3, but the most liquid of the three is preferred). The calculation period of the indicator will correspond to the chart it is attached to. The initialization of the initialization is based on the history data of symbol_1, symbol_2 and symbol_3. After that, the current Bid prices will be used in real-time calculation. The last point of the indicator is recalculated on every update of the chart the indicator is attached to. For clarity, it is drawn as a red horizontal line.

The indicator contains the following input parameters:

  • symbol_1 = GBPUSD - the first trading instrument
  • k_1 = 1 - coefficient for the first trading instrument
  • operator_1 = multiply (Multiplication) - mathematical operator between the first and second instruments
  • symbol_2 = EURGBP - the second trading instrument
  • k_2 = 1 - coefficient for the second trading instrument
  • operator_2 = difference (Subtraction) - mathematical operator before the third instrument
  • symbol_3 = EURUSD - the third trading instrument
  • k_3 = 1 - coefficient for the third trading instrument

In general, the resulting spread displayed by the indicator will be = symbol_1 * k_1 {operator_1} symbol_2 * k_2 {operator_2} symbol_3 * k_3

The input parameters shown in the example will result in spread = GBPUSD * EURGBP - EURUSD, which will display the deviation of GBPUSD * EURGBP from EURUSD. During strong upward deviations from 0, it is possible to gain profit by selling GBPUSD and EURGBP and buying EURUSD. And the opposite for a strong downward deviation from 0.

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