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  • This Forex indicator is based on Laguerre filter.
  • Laguerre filter reduces the phase delay of a smoothed curve relative to the current symbol quotes (for example, as compared to Moving Average).
  • The indicator displays fast and slow smoothed lines in the quote window.
  • The lines' smoothing parameters can be promptly specified using the buttons located in the lower part of the indicator or in the data input window.
  • Breeze can be used in conjunction with Corvette indicator.


  • BUTTONS_ON - show/hide the smoothing ratio selection buttons
  • LINE1_ON - show/hide the fast line
  • LINE2_ON - show/hide the slow line
  • Smooth1 - smoothing ratio for LINE1
  • Smooth2 - smoothing ratio for LINE2
  • APPLIED_PRICE1 - applied price for LINE1
  • APPLIED_PRICE2 - applied price for LINE2
  • Filter - filtering threshold
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