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Forex Aurum RSI Scalper

Forex Aurum RSI Scalper is a trading bot that uses two strategies to proceed, the RSI indicator as a main strategy and martingale recovering strategy for the lost one. It is simple to use and is recommended for $EURUSD, $USDCHF and $GOLD. It gives a very good result on a low spread broker (1 Minute time frame used)


  • Aurum_TimeFrame: Choose your time frame by default it will use the current opened time frame
  • MAGICMA: Choose your magic number to use or just let it by default
  • Aurum_lot: Defines the lot size of the scalping order
  • Aurum_Recovering_Lot: Defines the size of the next order if the previous order is not a profit one
  • Aurum_TP_pip: Take profit pips (10) by default
  • Aurum_SL_Pip: Stop Loss pips (50) by default

You can modify the parameter to match your optimum configuration. Here is some sample configuration for some assets and a tiny $200 portfolio.

$EURUSD and $USDCHF: on 1 minute chart

  • Aurum_TimeFrame: current
  • MAGICMA: 1
  • Aurum_lot: 0.01
  • Aurum_Recovering_Lot: 0.05
  • Aurum_TP_pip: 10
  • Aurum_SL_Pip: 50

You can increase lots for more profits and more risks

$EURUSD: on 1 minute chart

  • Aurum_TimeFrame: current
  • MAGICMA: 1
  • Aurum_lot: 0.1
  • Aurum_Recovering_Lot: 0.5
  • Aurum_TP_pip: 10
  • Aurum_SL_Pip: 50
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Version 3.0 - 2017.02.21
No need to set parameters:
- 0.01 lots orders
- 25 pips take profit
- 20 pips stop loss

Tested for the major currencies, you must have a minimum of 1000$