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Copy Trades FREE

Copy Trades FREE is very simple to use and has very simple settings.

Allow yourself to copy only local orders from one MetaTrader instance to another. No transfer of data via Internet, only local.

A MetaTrader instance can be Master, Slave or both.

You can copy also with differents names of symbols between brokers.

This is a FREE version and the EA copy only NZDUSD orders.

The FULL version is the product: Reply Trade (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/12582).

Input Values

  • Account Number to copy: Enter Account Number to copy (ALL Brokers). If you put 0 = only Master, so this MT4 does not copy from anyone
  • Starts copying the master orders from this time:

Leave 0 to user default: current time.
Enter a valid date to copy master orders starting from the date in input instead the time current.
This option is necessary when the master broker time is before the slave broker time or you want to copy orders from a specific time.
The EA copies only orders that time is > date in input.

  • Source Lots Multiplier: Slave receives orders and multiplies lots.

    Ex: Source Lots Multiplier = 10
    Master opens order with 0.10 lots
    On Slave will be opened an order with 1 lot

  • Source Lots Divider: Slave receives orders and divides lots.

    Ex: Source Lots Divider = 10
    Master opens order with 0.10 lots
    On Slave will be opened a order with 0.01 lots

  • List of different symbols Master-Slave (8 couples):

Ex: MasterSymbol1 = "GER30" Slave symbol = "DAX"
Put in the field GER30-DAX.
The slave receive GER30 and translate in DAX to insert the order.

  • 8 symbols: Slave does not receive these Symbols

    Ex: Slave Symbol1=="DAX"
    Master opens order on "DAX"
    On Slave NOT will be opened the order on DAX

  • Add this suffix (to copier)

Suffix_To_Add (ex. EURUSD.suf)

Write only the suffix (ex: .suf) and EA will add it to symbol in slave at right.

Ex: Master EURUSD Slave EURUSD.suf

  • Add this prefix

Prefix_To_Add (ex. preEURUSD)

Write only the prefix (ex: pre) and EA will add it to symbol in slave at left.

Ex: Master EURUSD Slave preEURUSD

  • Cut this suffix From Master

Suffix_To_Cut (ex. EURUSD.suf)

Write only the suffix to cut (ex: .suf) and EA will cut it from symbol in master.

Ex: Master EURUSD.suf Slave EURUSD

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Ali irwan 2017.07.28 13:43 

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