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Chaos Theory

The Expert Advisor is based on the chaos theory - chaotic price movement. In the first strategy, the robot identifies moments when the price is most active and opens a grid of pending orders following the price direction. In the second strategy, pending orders are placed against the price movement. Finally, when using the third strategy, trading is performed following the market with no pending orders.

Most of the time, the EA is in standby mode, therefore do not expect fast results. However, the long wait that may take even months may be justified in just a few hours of active work. That is the essence of the strategy. The robot spends much time probing the market and losing small series of trades which is an integral part of the strategy. As soon as it falls upon a good price momentum, a deposit can be increased many times in just a single price outburst.

You can re-configure the strategy to make it use hedging (lock) orders. For example, as soon as the price enters its active phase, the robot may place just a single pending order in the price direction instead of a grid. This order is followed by an opposite one having greater volume. If the first order is profitable, the second one is immediately removed. However, if the price moves away from the first order, the second one is triggered resulting in a total profit. Then both orders are closed.

If a second pending order is triggered, the third one is opened at the opposite side in case the price reverses. The algorithm is repeated till the entire series is closed with a certain profit percentage or an acceptable loss. 5% of a deposit is allocated for a single series by default. Usually, the price quickly goes beyond the estimated channel during such impulses. Therefore, the probability of profit is quite high.


  • Spread - maximum allowable spread. The EA does not trade above that
  • Distance - first pending order distance;
  • PendingOrders - number of simultaneously placed pending orders;
  • Divergence - distance between orders;
  • Expiration - lifetime of pending orders;
  • StopLossPercentage - stop loss as percent of a deposit;
  • TakeProfitPercentage - take profit as percent of a deposit;
  • StopLossAll - stop loss using lock orders;
  • MinimumStopLoss - minimum distance to a stop loss;
  • MinimumTakeProfit - minimum distance to a take profit;
  • Step - step of measuring a trend power;
  • Power - trend power on a scale from one to ten. The lesser the value, the more often trades are opened;
  • MM - automated money management;
  • Risk - percent of deposit for automated money management;
  • Slippage - permissible slippage;
  • PercentageLock - percent of the total volume of all open positions on the chart to place a hedging order;
  • MinLock - minimum allowable number of orders to place the first hedging order upon a confirmation from the indicator block;
  • MaxLock - maximum allowable number of orders to place the first hedging order without a confirmation from the indicator block;
  • MaximumDistanceLock - maximum deviation from the first open order in points in order to set the first hedging order;
  • CorridorLock - distance to place hedging orders;
  • MagicLock - identifier of hedging orders (must be complex enough to avoid matching with any other open orders on the chart);
  • CommentLock - comment to hedging orders;
  • PercentageProfitLock - percent of profit to close all orders on the chart;
  • LotExponentLock - multiplier for the hedging orders;
  • MaxTradesLock - maximum number of hedging order.


  • Instant order execution - ECN (with minimum spread, commission and slippage);
  • Trouble-free connection to the server - VPS (with minimal network latency);
  • Currency pair - EURUSD;
  • Chart timeframe - H1.
Manabu Yanagita
Manabu Yanagita 2017.12.29 10:11 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Wojciech Mtl
Wojciech Mtl 2017.11.03 08:15 

Outstanding results on backtesting,not so good on real account...will update later.

Eng Hoe Teh
Eng Hoe Teh 2017.05.15 19:50 

Very potential EA, doubled my capital in 1 month !!!