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Special singularity

The Expert Advisor is based on a programmed neural network.

The robot trades the order grid scalping for profit.

The EA works on most currency pairs.

Operation principles

  1. After receiving an entry signal, the EA opens an order with a Lot volume. If the order is not closed and another entry signal arrives, the Lot is increased. The maximum Lot is customizable and cannot exceed Max_Lot.
  2. The EA uses its own virtual Stop_Loss and Take_Profit. You can also additionally use normal Stop_Loss and Take_Profit. TrailingStop is available for use.
  3. The EA works only with its own magic numbers.
  4. The robot is very easy to use. It only needs a minimum initial deposit.


  1. VPS server is recommended.
  2. If you have a small deposit, set Max_Lot to Lot. In this case, all orders are opened with the same volume.
  3. You can also set Max_Orders to 1 to decrease the drawdown. In this case, the maximum allowed number of orders is equal to 1.
  4. The EA uses global variables. Therefore, it is not recommended to trade and test the EA simultaneously.


  1. StopLoss - stop loss level. Recommended StopLoss value = 0.01;
  2. TakeProfit - take profit level. Recommended TakeProfit value = 0.01;
  3. Lot - volume of market orders. Recommended Lot value = 0.01;
  4. Max_Lot - maximum volume of market orders. Recommended Max_Lot value = 1;
  5. Max_Orders - maximum value of open market orders. Recommended Max_Orders value = 20;
  6. step - minimum distance between adjacent orders. Recommended step value = 0.0005;
  7. Spread - enable/disable Spread_Max parameter. Recommended Spread value = false;
  8. Spread_Max - maximum spread of market orders. Recommended Spread_Max value = 0.05;
  9. Trailing - enable/disable TrailingStop parameter. Recommended Trailing value = true;
  10. TrailingStop - trailing stop level. Recommended TrailingStop value = 0.0005;
  11. Magic - market order magic number. Recommended Magic value = 999.

The inputs do not depend on the number of quotes' decimal places. Example: TakeProfit = 0.01 is equal to 100 points at four-digit quotes or 1000 points at five-digit ones.

Below are test results from 2010 to 2016.

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