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VolatilityDepth5X is a multi-currency, signal-generating indicator that detects the most significant volatility in the Forex market and then sends buy-and-sell alert into your email or phone; the alerted pair is to be entered into the market immediately.

It mainly interprets the underlying fundamental effects of macroeconomic news in any timeframe and also tracks the direction, strength and volatility of all Forex cross pairs. Simultaneously, it shows that Forex price-movement is a zero-sum game in any of the selected five time-frames. It is useful for scalping traders, intraday traders, day traders, swing traders and position traders.

It supports eight currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD and NZD, and all time-frames are supported. The algorithm used to calculate VolatilityDepth5X is simple, but not too complicated. In simple terms, it is calculated by measuring the relative depth of volatility on a group of Forex pairs connected with a particular currency.

How to trade with VolatilityDepth5X

Do attach and run VolatilityDepth5X on one chart; though it can also be run on two or more charts with different selected five time-frames.

Do always trade the currency with positive depth against the currency with negative depth.

Below is the explained formats of the alerts

  • VD-Signal
  • Time: 2016.10.20 00:00
  • Timeframe; H12
  • AUD; +6
  • CHF; –6
  • JPY; +6
  • First Explanation; this implies that Buy AUD (Base currency) and Sell CHF. The net action is Buy AUDCHF instantly
  • Second Explanation; this implies that Sell CHF (Base currency) and Buy JPY. The net action is Sell CHFJPY instantly.
  • Third explanation; AUDJPY would be the next pair to display a strong trend after ranging.

Picking The StopLoss And TakeProfit; Since the alert is provided by H12 Time-frame then, set the VolatilityStops-TF to H12 and pick the StopLoss and TakeProfit provided from that H12 Time-frame

  • VD-Signal
  • Time: 2016.12.12 00:00
  • Timeframe; D1
  • EUR; 0
  • GBP; 0
  • Explanation; If two currencies are having the same number; the currency pair, EURGBP will exhibit ranging (sideway movement) before establishing a new, strong trend direction. Similarly from above, AUDJPY will range before establishing a new, strong trend direction

Top reasons why VolatilityDepth5Xis a must-have

  • It is easier to set up and use
  • It NEVER repaints or back-paints
  • It makes you to trade professionally
  • It removes guesswork and gives facts
  • Its signals are much more accurate
  • It alerts safe currency pairs to trade
  • It is never lagging, but a leading indicator
  • All calculations and alert signals are in real time
  • It enables a set-and-forget style of trading
  • It interprets the deep effects of economic news
  • It forecasts the next pair to exhibit a strong trend
  • Five time-frame windows can be selected at the same time
  • It makes you to understand the Forex market as a zero-sum game
  • It saves you time, energy of staying in front of the computer screen every time
  • It gives you the outlook on where to place TAKE-PROFIT and STOP-LOSS
  • Simultaneous running of five time-frame windows gives more trading opportunities

Very important notes

  • Download the historical data of all 28 pairs and, do make sure you have all 28 Pairs' symbols in the Symbol Window
  • VolatilityDepth5X produces good signal on higher time-frames than lower time-frames. The profit-benefit time-frames are H3, H4, H6, H8, H12, D1, W1, MN1

Do not panic, be bold and be confident while using VolatilityDepth5X.

Main futures of VolatilityDepth5X

Analytical Features

VD-Index: This is used to enable the indicator to send alerts. Its features can be altered, the default setting of +6 and -6 gives profitable alerts or signals. By default,

  • VD-Index High is set to +6
  • VD-Index Low is set to -6

Graphical Features

  • Any of the displayed time-frame windows can be switched OFF or ON
  • Five time-frame windows are displayed on one chart simultaneously and each window is movable.

Set-Positions Features

These are used to move any of the time-frame windows to any desired positions;

  • Pos X Win 1: It is used to move Windows 1 horizontally
  • Pos Y Win 1: It is used to move Windows 1 vertically

Set-Windows Features

These are used to switch OFF any of the displayed windows

Notifications Features

Alerts can be sent via e-mail, message and mobile-notifications

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