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Close Em All MQL5

Disclaimer: Trading involves financial risk! Expert Advisors should always be tested on a demo account before taking it live.


This is the MQL5 version of the utility. It gives the user an easy and user-friendly way to close orders by simply clicking a button. The user can choose to close all orders, all orders on the current symbol, pending orders, buy orders or sell orders.

How it works

The utility has five buttons that are displayed on the chart. The "Close All" button will close all orders and pending orders on all symbols and charts. The "Close Symbol" button will close open orders on the current symbol. The "Close Pending" button will close all pending orders. The "Close Buy" button will close all buy orders. The "Close Sell" button will close all sell buttons.


The utility only has one parameter:

  • The amount of slippage allowed.

If you are having trouble closing your orders with the default value then increase this value until orders are easily closed, otherwise just leave it as is.

How to use it

  1. Open MetaTrader 5 and login to your trading account.
  2. Buy & Download the "Close Em All " utility from here or by clicking on the "Market" tab in the terminal pane and searching for "Close Em All".
  3. Open any chart.
  4. Drag the "Close Em All " utility onto the chart. It can be found in the "Navigator" pane under "Expert Advisors -> Market".
  5. Click the desired button to close the relevant orders.
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