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Binary Key

The Binary Key indicator is designed for binary options trading, it works in all currency pairs and timeframes. The indicator shows the expected direction and probability of option expiration on the current bar. The Threshold input allows configuring the maximum bar range, starting from which the indicator will start estimating the probability of option triggering in the desired direction.

It is not recommended to rely on the probability of expiry of less than 50%.

The indicator shows

  • The history of signals of all available bars - arrows above or below bars.
  • Expected option expiry direction - an arrow on the current bar.
  • The probability of the option expiry in that direction - the number next to the current bar.

Input Parameters

  • Threshold - minimum bar range for probability evaluation, points. Valid values are 0 to 20.
  • Shift - distance between an arrow and the bar high/low. Valid values are 0 to 50.
2017.10.04 18:40 

Not very good at all in my opinion. Probability always begins with zero at open of the bar and is not static. Example, you get a call arrow, the probability will go up as the price goes up, will revert to zero with the bar becomes bearish and vice versa for a put arrow. The idea is meant to give you a probability at the start of the candle that you are entering. I've tried it on various TFs and it is useless on each one. Save yourself $30.

2017.03.23 21:54 

Very good.

2017.03.11 06:17 

Excellent indicator. Simple and tasteful.

Version 2.0 - 2017.10.26
Corr3ected the operation of the option triggering probability analyzer.