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Hanseatic Stoller Alerts

Searches signals on every symbol on MT4 MarketWatch.

System Stoller uses Williams and StarcBands to calculate trend, entries and exits.

For Swing Trading is recommended to use on H1 charts with MainTrendTimeFrame = D1 and FilterTimeFrame = M15.

Function requirements are MainTrendTimeFrame >= ChartTimeFrame and ChartTimeFrame >= FilterTimeFrame.

Input parameters

  • MainTrendTimeFrame: TimeFrame for main trend.
  • Period: Number of bars to search.
  • Refresh_min: Number of minutes to wait between searches.
  • ShowTrendChanges: Signals on trend changes.
  • ExtendedPeriod: Extend period to calculate signals order.
  • UseADXFilter: Confirm entry using ADX.
  • FilterTimeFrame: TimeFrame for ADX filter.
  • BullColor: Font color on buy entries
  • BearColor: Font color on sell entries.
  • Alerts to MT4: Send sound alerts on signals.
  • Alerts to Email: Send emails on signals.
  • Alerts to Mobile: Send mobile notifications on signals.

Results on screen

  • Symbol Symbol where the signal was detected.
  • W%-M Distance between Williams indicator and its moving average.
  • #CRG Order of the signal.
  • Will% Williams indicator going up (UP) or down (DN).
  • Price Signal price.
  • Date Date of the signal in the following format: "hour:minute day/month."
2017.01.31 18:37   

Hola, mi duda es saber como activar el envio de alertas a mail y movil. Gracias

Version 12.10 - 2017.03.30
Alerts filter bug fixed.
Version 12.0 - 2017.03.16
New alert settings.
Version 11.0 - 2017.02.13
Alerts for ADXFilter signals added.
Version 10.0 - 2017.01.20
Notifications bug fixed.