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SECA is a fully autonomous multi-currency advisor. The system is based on the Martingale principle, it depends on the trend, it assumes up to 10 orders. Simultaneously works with several pairs, a deposit of $ 90 and a lot of 0.01 or more. To unsuccessful deals, the adviser applies unique "locks" depending on the strength of the trend and the deposit based on the ADX indicator. In this system are preinstalled automatic stop-loss and take profit. Opening and closing of transactions by default from 03 a.m - 10 p.m. The ability to send a remote report to E-mail about actions, errors and risks is integrated. Fully flexible adviser, suitable for anyone, from beginner to experienced trader.

Advisor is designed to work on timeframes M1, M5, M15 and M30. For more accuracy, the expert analyzes the daily charts. The best results are shown on the M5 timeframe. The higher the time frame, the fewer opportunities to make transactions, but they are more accurate.



  •     For testing on history, you need to download historical data for the timeframe on which the Expert Advisor is installed, as well as for daytime TF and H1 for the entire testing period.
  •     You can test it as you like from 1971.
  •     By default, the advisor is configured for a pair of EURUSD.
  •     Suitable as less volatile pairs, and on the contrary: EURUSD, AUDUSD, AUDCAD, GBPUSD, etc.
  •     The lot size break for 5-6 pairs instead of using high risk on one pair: run the advisor on the M5 TF on 5-6 pairs.


SECA Options

Main variables 1

  •     Risk - the size of the risk. Depends on the deposit, and is determined by values ​​from 1 to 100, where 1 is the minimum risk, and 100 is the maximum.
  •     Lock_min_step - the minimum step of the "lock".
  •     Lock_part - the size of the "lock".
  •     Lock_signalsymbol - the pair on which the lock is opened. The default is the EURUSD pair.
  •     CanOpenNew - the ability to open orders.
  •     TimeFrame - the time interval at which the adviser will trade.
  •     TimeFrame HL - time interval for the lock.
  •     Send_Email - sending messages.
  •     Show_Alerts - displays warnings and errors.
  •     Magic_N is the unique number of the Expert Advisor.
  •     OrdersCount - the maximum number of opened orders.
  •     Trend - the size of the trend at which the order can be opened.
  •     Lock means the value of the lock. It is by default, do not change.
  •     Level - the distance between take profit and stop loss.

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