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Bouncing Ball

Every trader wants to use an indicator that uses arrows to show the entry direction (Buy or Sell) and also sends email notifications, to be able to always make the right trading decision.

All this and more has been implemented in the "Bouncing Ball" indicator!

Operation Principle

When the indicator starts, it analyzes the entire chart, then it determines the formation moment of the pattern, which lies at the basis of the algorithm. After that the indicator applies a separate algorithm for filtering out the potential patterns it considers false and leaves the most accurate ones, using them to generate a signal. The indicator shows the entry direction with arrows, therefore it significantly reduces the time need to analyze the situation and make a decision. This indicator can be easily incorporated into your system as a custom indicator to allow an expert to receive signals automatically.

Input parameters and setup

If you prefer to work oh the higher timeframes and rarely check the terminal, you can configure sending email notifications. Once the indicator detects a new signal, you will receive an E-Mail with the detailed description of the signal.

If you run the indicator and leave your computer, you can enable audio notifications or pop-up alerts. When a new signal appears, you will also get a sound signal and an "Alert" notification in the terminal.

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Version 1.1 2018.07.10
Improved algorithm.