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Tringle Arbitrage Mt5

Tringle Arbitrage indicator provides visual overlay of three currency pairs. It is recommended to use pairs that form a triangle. For example: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP. This allows trading using the "Statistical Arbitrage" and "Pair Trading" strategies.


  • Major_1 - name of the first currency pair - major (e.g., EURUSD)
  • Major_2 - name of the second currency pair - major (e.g., GBPUSD)
  • Kross - name of the third currency pair - cross (e.g., EURGBP)
  • Calc_Period - period for mathematical calculations (recommended from 10 and above)
  • mirror_Major_1 - set to true if necessary mirroring Major_1
  • mirror_Major_2 - set to true if necessary mirroring Major_2
  • mirror_Kross - set to true if necessary mirroring Kross

Increase of the Calc_Period parameter will help you reduce the noise of the quote.

This is the first version of the indicator. You are welcome to send feedback and suggestions on how to enhance the indicator functionality. I will be glad to further develop the indicator.

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