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Generator strategy

The Expert Advisor operates as a strategy generator, each of which can work on four timeframes, including M15, M30, H1, H4. The EA opens separate buy and sell orders on these timeframes. Separate settings are available for each timeframe, as well as for buy and sell orders. The EA uses the following standard MT4 indicators: Bolinger Band, CCI, RSI, RVI, Force Ingex, Moving Average, DeMarker, MACD, OsMA, Stohastic, WPR, Money Flow Index. Any currency pairs. The EA includes a hidden sl and tp monitoring. Timeframe: M15.


  • OpenOrdersLimit: limit on open orders
  • MaxSpread: spread value
  • panelshow: show/hide the balance panel
  • hourtradefriday: disable trading on Friday
  • endhourtradefriday: time, after which the EA will stop opening orders on Friday
  • closeorderfriday: closing orders after a certain time on Friday
  • hourcloseorderfriday: time to close orders on Friday
  • Lots: fixed lot, if 0 - Percent is used
  • Percent: percent of free margin
  • comment: a comment to orders
  • bar: choose bar (0 - current, 1 - previous)
  • magicm15: the number to open orders, if magicm15=1 orders 1,2,3,4 will be opened
  • slm15, slm30, slh1, slh4: sl for strategies on M15, M30, H1, H4
  • tpm15, tpm30, tph1, tph4: tp for strategies on M15, M30, H1, H4
  • NumberOfTry: number of attempts to close, open or modify an order.
  • ECN: setting sl and tp during order placing or after it is opened (for ECN accounts).
  • slippage: allowable slippage.
  • indikator1 - choose indicator
  • indikator2 - choose indicator
  • indikator3 - choose indicator
  • provision - condition for indicators, eg 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 or 1 and 2 and 3 or 4, also 1 and 2 and 3 4 no, 1 and 2 3 no and 4 no (NON - do not use any indicators)
  • indikator4:
  • sellm15, buym15, sellm30, buym30, sellh1, buyh1, sellh4, buyh4 - enable disable trading buy/sell on timeframes
  • period(sell or buy and TF): period for indicator 1 specified in indikator1
  • x(sell or buy and TF): used for stohastic - d period. Osma and macd - slow EMA Period. For moving average it is the number of history bars to determine trend.
  • y(sell or buy and TF): for stohastic - slowing. Osma and macd - signal SMA Period.
  • value(sell or buy and TF): values of indicators - depend on the indicator selected.
  • settings for: period2 x2 y2 value2 period3 x3 y3 value3 period4 x4 y4 value4 (sell or buy and TF) the same for other three indicators.

Entry signals:

  • BB: price moves away from the channel on bar 2 and returns back on bar 1. period - period and value - deviations.
  • CCI: sell if its value is higher on bar 2, e.g. 100, and lower on bar 1. period - period and value - CCI value.
  • RSI: sell if its value is above eg 70. period - period and value - RSI value.
  • RVI: sell red line is above the green one and greater than 0.5. period - period and value - RVI value.
  • Force Ingex: sell if it's above a value. period - period and value - Force Index value.
  • Moving Average: sell MA on a certain bar (parameter x) is greater than on bar 1. period - period and x - the history bar.
  • DeMarker: sell if its value is greater than the parameter. eg 0.7. period - period and value - DeMarker value.
  • MACD: sell if the signal line is greater, and the value is greater. period - Fast EMA, x - SlowEMA, y - Signal SMA and value - MACD value.
  • OsMA: sell value on bar 2 is greater than that on bar 1. period - Fast EMA, x - SlowEMA, y - Signal SMA value not used.
  • Stohastic: sell the signal line is above and its value is greater. period - K Period, x - D Period, y - Slowing, value - Stochastic value.
  • WPR: sell if its value is greater than -20. period - period and value - value of WPR.
  • Money Flow Index: sell if its value is greater than 80. period - period and value - MFI value.

All this should be used for (sell or buy and TF). Similar for buy.


Choose sl and tp. Select indicators. Disable all sellm15, buym15, sellm30, buym30, sellh1, buyh1, sellh4, buyh4, set one to true, eg sellm15. Filling parameters period, x, y, value, optimize indicators, choose optimal parameters. Disable sellm15, enable buym15, fill period, x, y, value and so on.

Sample set files and other information are available in Comments.

MaxPips Max
2017.02.18 13:19 

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Lee Bryant
2017.01.28 11:46 

Interesting EA to generate unique strategies for own markets from a great seller