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Fine Zig Zag AM

This indicator is a version of Fine Trade AM displayed on the price chart. The indicator analyzes the ratio of the current Close price and average prices over a selected period. The indicator generates a signal after the completion of the bar, on which the indicator changes its position relative to zero. Never repaints signal. The indicator signals need to be confirmed by the price going beyond the high/low of the bar on which the indicator has changed its position relative to zero. The indicator can send emails and pushes.

Adjustable indicator parameters

  • Sensitivity (>0) - indicator sensitivity;
  • Alerts - show a dialog box containing user data;
  • Text_BUY - custom text for a buy signal;
  • Text_SELL - custom text for a sell signal;
  • Send_Mail - send an email using an address specified on the Email tab of the options window;
  • Subject - email header;
  • Send_Notification - sends push notifications to the mobile terminals, whose MetaQuotes IDs are specified in the Notifications tab.
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