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Operation principle: trading inside the Bollindger Bands when the price exceeds its borders.

Entry signals are checked during a channel breakthrough and fulfilling conditions specified in the external parameters (see description of the parameters).

Working timeframe: M15

The Expert Advisor trades a fixed lot with a fixed stop loss to avoid large drawdowns.

Trading principle is suitable for any currency. It is optimal for multi-currency trading.

Settings (set files) for the major symbols can be downloaded in the Comments section.

You can always test the EA on various symbols or optimize them. To do this, use the following parameters in the external settings:

  • Lots - opened position lot
  • OnePos - flag disabling simultaneous opening of multiple positions at a symbol
  • StopLoss - position stop loss (required parameter)
  • TakeProfit - position take profit (required parameter)

Managing entries

  • BBPeriod - channel averaging period
  • BBDeviat - deviation ratio
  • BBMinBreak - minimum expected channel breakthrough
  • BBMinWidth - minimum channel width
  • DayMaxBody - maximum daily candle body
  • SpreadMax - maximum current spread when opening a position
  • DayStartMinutes - trading start minutes (number of minutes is calculated from the beginning of a day, for example 60)
  • DayEndMinutes - trading end minutes (number of minutes is calculated from the beginning of a day, for example 60)

Managing exits

  • ExitTime - flag for closing a position upon specified time expiration
  • TimeMinutes - number of minutes, after which a position is closed
  • TimeMinProfit - minimum position profit for its closing
  • ExitBB - flag for closing a position after a channel border is reached
  • BBDistance - channel breakout distance
  • BBMinProfit - minimum profit for closing a position
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