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Trade Alerts

Trade Alerts is an indispensable Forex tool to keep tab of all trading activities on your account. Even when you have an EA trading on your account, you still need to keep tab on trading activities on your account to ensure trades are executed according to strategy and plan. Trade Alerts sends notifications on trade openings and closings. When ever any trade is opened or closed, you are notified thus keeping you connected to your account in real time.

Trade Alert keeps you connected to your account in real time!

Trade Alerts is multi-currency compatible so you just need to attach to only one chart and it informs you all currency pairs !!

Notification Options

The EA has basically all three (3) major notification systems in forex. It has:

  1. 'Push Notification' for mobile phone notifications.
  2. 'Email Notification' for sending notification to emails.
  3. 'Alert Notification' for notifications display on the chart.

Any of these options can be enabled or disabled according to what suits you best.

Input Menu Options

  • Trade Open Alert—If enabled,notifications are sent when ever a trade is opened.
  • Trade Close Alert—If enabled, notifications are sent when ever a trade is closed.
  • Push_notification—A Push Notification (to your mobile phone) is sent if the option is enabled.
  • Email Alert—A notification is sent to your email if the option is enabled.
  • Pop Up Alert—Alert is displayed on the chart if the option is enabled.

Remember: No matter how perfect a Forex robot is, certain account / portfolio management decision are best taken by you the trader and this can only be achieved if you keep a tab on your account in real time.

Good Luck and happy trading!

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