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X and Y

Mathematical advisor without the use of indicators. In the work uses only the schedule, as X (time) and Y (price). Does not use martingale, grid, hedge and other high-risk strategies. It has a minimum of customizable parameters. There is protection against spread expansion and slippage. In the comments to the order, the spread is indicated at the time of opening the transaction. The default settings use a stop loss of 1: 3


  1. Before using on real money, test the adviser with minimal risk on a cent trading account;
  2. use a VPS or server with minimal network latency to the broker server;
  3. low spreads + low commissions + high-quality execution - this is important when choosing a broker for trading;
  4. use the adviser on highly liquid currency pairs, such as EURUSD, GBPUSD;
  5. It is recommended to select parameters for each type of account separately;
  6. the minimum deposit is 500 units of the base currency for 0.01 lot;
  7. timeframe does not matter.

Parameters for re-optimization: 

  1. Y - start 5, step 1, stop 15
  2. X - start 1, step 1, stop 5
  3. StopLoss - start 50, step 10, stop 200
  4. TakeProfit - start 50, step 10, stop 300


  • Y, X - parameters for optimization;
  • FixedLotSize - fixed lot;
  • LotsFor1000 - trading lot for 1000 units of the base currency, if FixedLotSize = 0;
  • MaxSlippage - maximum slippage when opening a transaction;
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread when opening a transaction;
  • TakeProfit, StopLoss - take profit and stop loss;
  • MagicNumber - magic number;
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