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SuperBuy DAX

Expert parameters

  • input parameters
    1. Settings = here you can choose, if you want to use the recommended settings or your own settings.
    2. Autolot = YES/NO - by selecting "YES", the lotsize will be calculated and adjusted automatically. If you select "NO", you can use another lotsize.
    3. Lot = if you selected "Autolot=NO", you can define another lotsize here.
    4. Take_Profit_overall = here you can define the take profit. By reaching this profit, all orders will be closed.
    5. Trailing_Stop_overall = here you can define the trailing stop.
  • period - the number of bars used for the indicator calculations. Please use the EA only in the D1 (daily) Chart
  • chart - please use the EA only for the German DAX
  • required equity - to have an optimal result, it is recommended to have at least an equity of 2000 €

This software identifies points to open a buy-position by using a special algorithm.

If a buy signal is triggered, the EA calculates a very small lot size, so that there is always only a very small risk, if the position is not developing as desired. Once the position goes in the right direction, according to a certain distance, there will be opened a next position and the first position will be directly protected by a Trailing Stop. With this system, only one position can go into the wrong direction. If the position will develop positively, the profit will potentiate itself. Through this method, there will achieved an exponentially rising chance-risk ratio. Does the first position go into loss, there will be opened a new position after a certain distance. It is possible to have six orders opened in common to keep a well-balanced chance-risk ration. After reaching a percent profit, all orders will be closed and the EA will be waiting for the next buy signal.

Important: Orders can keep opened for several days. To achieve an optimal result, it is important, not to close them manually.

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