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Manage Orders

This tool (passive EA) manages user's manual orders, by setting stop loss and take profit values automatically and may apply terminal side trail stops, if user enlarges take profit values besides default TP value of current symbol. Default SL and TP values for each major USD pair is given by user as external parameters. For other non major pairs, there is one default SL and TP setting.

Closing all pieces of orders are also possible. And closing orders that having specified amount of profit also possible with some user flags. Closing order pieces that belongs to a specific symbol (from major USD pairs) is also possible.

Since this EA is planned to use with major USD pairs, these pairs have their own default stop loss and take profit (and trail stop) values in the settings. OTHERSL and OTHERTP are used for non majors.

It is suggested to use this tool on a demo account at first. When you feel comfort, it may go real to help your manual trades. This tool is usufull while using multiple pieces of orders for a pair.

Since the EA can manage multiple pairs from one chart, you need to setup it on one chart, to manage multiple pairs, that is ticking frequently. EA will manage all other pairs SL, TP, close all, close pair, close in profit functions.

User can change EA default SL and TP values. When user wants to setup all SL and TP values back to to user given default values, DEFAULTSLTP flag is used. In this case, user changed SL and TP values are again will be set to EA given SL and TP values.

Tool (EA) Parameters

  • TRAILSTOPS: If set to true, EA applies terminal side trail stop, using pair's defull TP value, when user enlarges deault TP.
  • CLOSEIFPROFIT: If set to true, EA closes each individual order that is having profit equal to larger than CLOSEIFPROFITTARGET
  • CLOSEORDERPROFITTARGER: Target profit value for CLOSEIFPROFIT function.
  • DEFAULTSLTP: If user changes default SL and TP values and want to take these changes back, using thsi flag, default SL and TP values resetted.
  • CLOSEALL: Closes all orders
  • EURCHFCLOSE: Close EURCHF orders
  • EURUSDCLOSE: Close EURUSD orders
  • GBPUSDCLOSE: Close GBPUSD orders
  • USDCADCLOSE: Close USDCAD orders
  • USDCHFCLOSE: Close USDCHF orders
  • USDJPYCLOSE: Close USDJPY orders
  • AUDUSDCLOSE: Close AUDUSD orders
  • EURCHFTP: TP and TS (trail stop) value for EURCHF orders
  • EURUSDTP: TP and TS value for EURUSD orders
  • GBPUSDTP: TP and TS value for GBPUSD orders
  • USDCADTP: TP and TS value for USDCAD orders
  • USDCHFTP: TP and TS value for USDCHF orders
  • USDJPYTP: TP and TS value for USDJPY orders
  • AUDUSDTP: TP and TS value for AUDUSD orders
  • OTHERTP: TP and TS value for other pairs
  • EURCHFSL: SL (stop loss) value for EURCHF orders
  • EURUSDSL: SL value for EURUSD orders
  • GBPUSDSL: SL value for GBPUSD orders
  • USDCADSL: SL value for USDCAD orders
  • USDCHFSL: SL value for USDCHF orders
  • USDJPYSL: SL value for USDJPY orders
  • AUDUSDSL: SL value for AUDUSD orders
  • OTHERSL: SL value for other pairs
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