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MJ Filter

MJ Filter is a complete trading system developed through an efficient algorithm. The algorithm searches for the best moments to open positions using the Filter that measures the strength of the Ticks.

Back tests were successful in currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDJPY, EURJPY, AUDUSD, ...

The backtests do not give 100% sure of profit, with this we have signals being tested for months in real accounts and demos.

It is recommended to use MJ Filter on VPS servers.

Tip: Operate in 3 currency pairs in Default mode with at least $ 1000


  • Start_Time: Opening Times for Operations
  • End_Time: Closing Time for Operations
  • Close_Trade: Closing positions after End_Time
  • Notification: Sending Alerts when opening positions
  • Lots: Lot
  • LotsMax: Maximum lot
  • AutoLot: Lot Automatic
  • VariavelLot: Lot Ratio
  • IncreaseLot: Increases the next trading volume in accordance with Filter MJ.
  • PercentageforNewTrades: Percentage of DrawDown for Robo to open new positions
  • SleepSecondsAfterOp: Wait Time After Closing Positions
  • DrawDown: Maximum drawdown
  • TStart: Point on pips to activate Stop Loss
  • TStop: Point on pips to move Stop Loss
  • filterTick: Force Based Filter of Ticks
  • filterInverse: Uses the filter in reverse mode.
  • UseFilterMMA: Uses the filter with Moving Average.
  • filterMMA1: Choose the first moving average
  • filterMMA2: Choose the second moving average
  • UseFilterPeriod2: Uses the filter with another period.
  • filterPeriod2: Choose the period for the second filter.
  • UseFilterIndic1: Uses the indicator filter.
  • DistanceForNewTrades: Minimum distance for position increase. Zero indicates Automatic
  • typeOrderFilling: Type Order Filling
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Version 2.0 - 2017.05.05
Expert now works in Hedge mode as well.