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Multiple Stochastics Signals

The indicator converts signals of Stochastics from multiple timeframes into one colored histogram. If the histogram shows red, it means that most of the stochastics show sell signals (i.e. the currency pair is overbought). If the color is green, the currency pair is oversold, and you may want to think about buying. It is recommended to trade when the histogram lines are longer than normal and show the desired color (there are a lot of buy or sell signals). The indicator collects signals of stochastics on timeframes from M5 to H4. Recommended timeframes for trading are M30 and H1. Many indicators parameters are customizable.


  • History - the number of history bars for the indicator calculation;
  • Period_K - calculation period for the K line of the Stochastic indicators;
  • Period_D - calculation period for the D line of the Stochastic indicators;
  • Slowing - slowing of Stochastic indicators;
  • StochLowLevel - the low level of of Stochastic indicators;
  • StochHighLevel - the high level of Stochastic indicators;
  • DoubleSignal - if the option is enabled, in case of a strong fall or growth of a stochastic, signal from this timeframe will be twice stringer;
  • IntersectionSignal - if the option is enabled, crossover of the main and signal lines of the stochastic are also taken into account;
  • MethodMA - Stochastic indicator averaging method (only if IntersectionSignal is enabled);
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