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This expert advisor trades on volatile market conditions.

When price fluctuates from an average, it opens position with stop loss. And tries to get the target, using trailing stop. Exits from the position with current stop loss.

Some special time filters applied, to eliminate critical trades.


  • Timeframe: M1
  • Trade Style: Reversal scalper, M1

EA Parameters:

  • Risk: Defines leverage used for each order. Default: x35
  • TakeProfit: Target pips for each order, using trailing stop. Default: 55 pips
  • StopLoss: Stop loss value for each order. Default: 5.5 pips
  • LastMinutes: Last n minutes used to calculate base value. Default: 25 minutes
  • Deviation: The wanted scattering from base value. Default: 28 pips
  • MaxSpread: Maximum allowed spread when opening a position. Default: 1.5
  • RuHourBack: if your MT4 terminal hour is back from original MetaQuotes MT4 hour, use this parameter. Example: if your MT4 terminal hour is back 1 hour from MQ MT4, you should set RuHourBack=1 (EA avoids to trade at some critical hours).

Technical Details:

  • Broker Selection: ECN brokers with minimal spreads should be preferred. Since EA exit positions using stop loss, your broker needs to provide good behaviour for stop loss orders, with minimal slippage.
  • Testing: You can test this EA, using M1 every tick mode. All timeframes are hard coded internally. Real run on M1 charts.
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