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ExspersTrailing is a multifunctional panel for managing orders. With this panel you will be able to protect and maximize the profit of your orders. Due to the highly customizable settings, the panel can manage all orders in the terminal or only the orders with the selected magic number. Applying the virtual mode makes SL (stop loss) invisible to the broker.

Auto SL and TP panel

To automatically set SL and TP for orders, enter the SL and TP values and activate the function.

Trailing stop panel

The EA features three trailing types:

  • by fractals - SL is moved based on the tops of fractals on the specified timeframe. The fractal size in candles and the offset from a fractal to SL are specified in the settings.
  • by candle wicks - SL is moved based on the lowest Low (for buy) or the highest High (for sell) from the specified number of candles on the specified timeframe. In the settings, specify the number of candles to search for High and Low, and enter the value of SL offset from the candle
  • by ATR - SL is moved based on the value of ATR * Coefficient of the specified timeframe. Calculations use two ATR with different periods. When calculating the SL level, the greatest of the two ATR values is selected, therefore, periods for ATR 1 and ATR 2 must be different, for example: 6 and 15
  • by Moving Average - SL is moved based on the value of the iMA indicator from the specified timeframe. Configure the MA parameters, define the candle to take the MA values from and enter the value of SL offset from MA
  • by Super Trend - SL is moved based on the value of the Super Trend indicator from the specified timeframe. Enter the period, the coefficient and the SL offset from the indicator line. In this type of trailing, SL may move both towards decreasing profit, and towards increasing it. With a real SL, this may cause excessive modification of orders. To avoid this, enable the SL to the moved only in the direction of decreasing the loss.
  • by breakeven - SL is moved based on the total breakeven levels of all sell or buy orders. Enter the distance in points from the breakeven level to the first SL level and the distance for SL to follow the price

In all trailing types, except by breakeven, it is possible to set a distance in points from the order opening price to the start of the trailing stop. For the trailing stop to start in the loss area, enter this value as negative, For example, at value -100 points and with a Buy order opened at 1.0000, the trailing stop will start at the price of 0.9900.

SL transfer to breakeven panel

To move SL to breakeven, set the amount of profit in points, at which the SL is to be moved to breakeven, and the distance in points from the opening price to the future SL price and activate the function

Partial closure panel

Up to four levels for partial closure of orders can be set in the EA. Enter the values starting from the first level. If only 1-3 levels are required, enter 0 in the remaining volume % fields. When entering the distance between the levels, take into account that the distance for the first level is the distance between the order opening price and the first closure level. The distance for the second level is the distance between the first closure level and the second.

Order closure panel

When the order closure function is enabled, the EA closes all orders (selected in the settings) once they reach total profit or loss specified in the panel

Settings panel

  • The EA manages orders on the chart it is attached to. Check the box to manage all orders in the terminal
  • It is possible to manage orders by magic number. To do this, check the box and enter the magic number. To enter more than one magic number, use the ";" separator
  • In the partial closure and virtual modes, the EA closes orders automatically. Therefore, set the maximum allowed price slippage for closure
  • When the virtual mode is enabled, the EA creates virtual SL and closes the orders once the price touches the virtual SL
  • The panel language can be switched to Russian
To avoid erroneous input of parameters and subsequent erroneous modification or closure of orders, disable the adjusted function when modifying the parameters and enable it only after the adjustment is complete. To test and evaluate the panel features, run the panel in the tester, configure the parameters and open orders using the trade buttons (provided for testing only).
Hasanbek Ushalov
2018.01.03 11:02 

Универсальная панелька, есть все инструменты которые мне нужны, работает четко без глюков, автор продукта всегда на связи - поддержка на высоте, рекомендую.


2017.11.04 13:32 

excelent support, Thank you my friend

2017.10.13 01:28 

Ilshat Sarvarov Created an excellent product.

2017.07.31 16:29 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Igor Filimonov
2017.07.13 14:04 

Отличная утилита! Пять звезд!

2017.06.04 06:35 


Bruno Part
2017.05.29 18:43 

Very good product. I recommend!!

Version 2.8 - 2017.12.11
Optimized the code
Version 2.7 - 2017.11.20
Updated the control panel, all input parameters have been moved to the panel
Added three additional levels for the partial closure
Added the function for closing by profit and loss
Version 2.6 - 2017.10.12
Added functions
transfer of stop loss to breakeven and partial closure
Version 2.5 - 2017.07.12
Added the ability to manage all orders in the terminal, apply the Super Trend method on any period, added the trailing stop step parameter, fixed bugs.
Version 2.4 - 2017.06.16
Added the ability to set stop loss and take profit.
Added info panel and upgraded the method based on the SuperTrend indicator.
Version 2.3 - 2017.05.25
Added virtual stop loss. Following a request from rainsome, added a trailing method based on the SuperTrend_nrp_wnew_formati_alerts indicator
Version 2.2 - 2017.05.05
Fixed an error in the algorithm
Version 2.1 - 2017.02.10
What's new in version 2.1

In the updated version it is possible to set multiple magic numbers. A new trailing stop methjod has been added.

New method:
Trailing stop from breakeven - Stop Loss is moved based on the total breakeven of buy or sell trades.

New EA parameters

Magic - if check - BY MAGIC is selected; enter the magic number of trades to monitor, multiple magic numbers can be used, for example 1111111;13;14 , separated by ";" without spaces;;
BREAKEVEN - use the breakeven method;
TrailingStart - the distance from the breakeven level to the first stop loss level;
TrailingStop - the distance between stop loss and the price;
The display of breakeven - showing breakeven levels on the chart.
Version 2.0 - 2016.12.01
Optimized the EA operation on a real account