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Custom Trading Forex Panel Demo

This is a demo version of Custom Trading Forex Panel.

Custom Trading Forex Panel Demo is a simple to use trading panel for trading on major Forex currencies.

The available symbols are:


The current Ask and Bid prices can be seen on the panel. The user has to set Lot Size, Stop Loss, Take Profit and then either click on Sell or on Buy. The panel provides a feature to enter a Trailing Stop, too. One has to just enable the Trailing Stop input and set the value for the same.

As simple as that

The panel also has a reset button to go back to default configurations and a save button to save the current trade configuration. If the terminal get accidentally closed, the panel will restore from the last saved trade configuration. This way none of the trade configuration is lost.

Custom Trading Forex Panel is really simple and efficient tool to place market orders.

For this DEMO version, the following features has been disabled:

  • Lot: Fixed at 0.01
  • Trailing Stop Loss: This feature has been disabled

All the rest features are available in this demo version. Take consideration into buying the non-demo version of this product if you are happy with this one.

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