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Adaptive Channel

AdaptiveChannel is an adaptive channel of the actual price reflecting considerable portion of the current market situation: consolidation, trend, support/resistance levels and reversal areas.

Each indicator line contains data on past events considering the current market realities.

The central channel lines are used as support/resistance levels or price reversal areas.

The outer channel lines are powerful resistance levels. After reaching them, the price returns to the channel center again forming buy and sell signals.

This simple and powerful tool is suitable for both novice and professional traders since it reflects the current market situation.


  • SlowFactorPrice - price change ratio for the slow channel
  • FastFactorPrice - price change ratio for the fast channel
  • Distance - distance to the outer borders of the main channel for signal correction
  • FiboLevel - additional Fibo level
  • ShowStatistic - display the indicator settings and signal statistics in the terminal's main window
  • Use Sound Signal - enable/disable a sound alert when a signal appears
  • Sound File - sound file
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Version 1.1 2017.02.09
Fixed minor bugs and performed optimization