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Constant Robot

Constant Robot (CR) trade the high probability opportunities in the market. The robot is fully automated and don't need any human interaction.

CR can be used in M15 timeframe. The robot don't use martingale/grid or that kind of things, it's focused in the long term profit. Please, it's important you read "How to use the CR".


  • Totally AUTOMATED without human interaction.
  • The robot adjusts to the pair automatically.
  • Very easy to use, a few options to modify.
  • Already optimized for the best results in all pairs.

How to use the CR

  • You must trade in a broker ECN and without conflict of interest.
  • The spread must be between 0.5-0.8 for the best conditions to trade. More than 0.8 at your own risk.
  • Use an VPS so the robot can have the best connection with your broker.


  • Mode 1 (Recommended): With this mode, the robot will take the best trades with the highest probability.
  • Mode 2: With this mode, the robot will take other trades too.
  • Lots: How many lots you want the robot to trade.
  • Max spread: The max spread to open trades. (0.5-0.8 best conditions)

Customer Support

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions, so we can help you! You can contact us via our account.

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