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The Expert Advisor is based on a self-learning neural network.

The EA trade s using a single Buy or Sell order depending on the decision of the neural network.

Each trade is protected by Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Designed for EURUSD.


  • any Spread;
  • any signal delay;
  • any slippage;
  • any broker;
  • fast learning neural network;
  • customizable parameter of Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Expert Advisor Training

If you want to achieve effective trading, pay special attention to Expert Advisor training! To do that:

  • click Optimization;
  • click test. Select the parameters start=1; step=1; stop=10;
  • click Start.

Expert Advisor training takes much time. Be patient.

Better choose a large time period. On the Optimization Results tab you can evaluate the effectiveness of training. Graphical information is provided on the Optimization Graph tab.

After the Expert Advisor training process, you can proceed to real trading. Preconfigure the Lot parameter.


  1. Make sure to test the EA before the purchase.
  2. It is not recommended to simultaneously test the EA and trade in real time.

Input Parameters

  • Lot - the lot of orders to open;
  • Take Profit - the Take Profit level (recommended value of Take Profit = 0.01);
  • Stop Loss- the Stop Loss level (recommended value of Stop Loss = 0.01);
  • test - the parameter sets the number of training passes.

Below are the training results from 2010 to current time.

Boris Sedlar
Boris Sedlar 2016.11.01 13:59 

very bad EA, 11 trades open, 9 with lose. My balance with lose, thanks for nothing. !!! dont buy it. Creator Dmitry dont answer, he dont want refund.