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EuroStar is a trend follower EA. It can open orders long and short at the same time. The open trades are managed by martingale. If you don't want use martingale, you can disable it: just set the variable "Max Orders Allowed" = 0.

This EA works preferably on EURUSD with time frame from M1 to H1.

For correct robot operations, it is important to have a good communication channel with the broker server. Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPS on line 24h.

The minimum account balance depends on the "Max Orders Allowed" and "PipStep" variables. I recommend at least 10000; if this amount seems high to you, you can use a cent account!


  • LotExponent: orders after second will be sized according to this multiplier parameter.
  • PipStep: numbers of pips in loss before to open others trades.
  • MaxLots: max size lot.
  • Max Orders Allowed: max orders allowed per direction (long and short). If = 0, martingale is disabled.
  • Lots: lot size.
  • Lot Step Decimal: you have to set your broker lot step decimal: 2= 0.01 - 1= 0.10 - 0= 1.00
  • TakeProfitPoints: take profit in points
  • StopLossPoints: stop loss in points. If = 0, there this stop loss doesn't work.
  • OpenDay: time filter activation for begin trading.
  • OpenDayHour: if "OpenDay" is True, set hour for begin trading.
  • CloseDay: time filter activation for ending trading.
  • CloseDayHour: if "CloseDay" is True, set hour for ending trading.
  • ViewComment: view info on the chart.
  • SpreadMax: max spread allowed. During backtest, set this value correctly.
  • Slip: max slippage allowed.
  • Time Frame Filter: EA uses an indicator to filter trades. This is a time frame of indicator.
  • Back period Filter: this is a period of indicator.
  • Strategy: if set "Only Long" the EA open only buy orders; if set "Only Sell" the EA open only sell orders; if set "Complete" the EA open buy and sell orders.
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Version 1.1 - 2016.12.01
Add the "Strategy" variable that lets you choose the type of trading:
- Only Long
- Only Short
- Complete = Long and Short