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Tiki Taki

The Tiki Taki indicator of price change rate.

This indicator displays the rate at which the price moves up or down. During the analysis of its operation results, you will be able to see what pressures buyers and sellers have on each other.

For clarity, a geometric figure with a percentage of buyers and sellers has been moved to the chart, and the information on the price volatility has been placed to the indicator subwindow. That is, you will be able to see the movement activity of the market participants on the desired timeframe and trade the breakout of such movement.

In order to identify the activity strength of buyers and sellers, you can place a triangle on the bar area of interest, and the strength of buyers and sellers will be displayed.


  • avgBARS - The number of displayed candles for the analysis
  • avgTimeFrame - Timeframe for the analysis. For example, if the TF is set to D1 and the current TF is H1, you will see the analysis on all H1 candles for the current day.
  • colorMax - Color of the maximum movement of buyers/sellers
  • widthMax - Histogram width
  • colorAvg - Color of the average price movement of buyers/sellers
  • widthAvg - Width of the average price movement histogram
  • colorUp - Color of buyers strength on the chart
  • colorDown - Color of sellers strength on the chart
  • colorTextUp - Color of buyers percentage
  • colorTextDown - Color of sellers percentage
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