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Hunter Spread

How does your broker provide spread? The Hunter Spread tool will help you find the answer to this question. You only need to run the tool on charts of two different accounts on the same computer, and you will receive a comparison of spreads on different accounts.

For example, you have a real account and a demo account with the same broker, you run Hunter Spread on the two account and see that the spread is too high on a real account. You can also compare spreads provided by different brokers on one computer, in order to find out which broker offers a lower spread.

Hunter Spread also monitors spread during order opening and closure, and displays the final information. It keeps record of the report, so you can print it if necessary.

Hunter Spread Settings

  • Spread - enable the tool.
  • Supplier spread - spread provider should be run on the chart, from which you calculate the spread.
  • Inspector spread - spread receiver should be run on the chart, on which you calculate the spread value.
  • Spred Big - the calculated spread difference, if spread is equal to or above it, it will be included into calculations, below that spread will be ignored.
  • Record max - The maximum number of rows in the file in the folder 'common/Files/(Simbol+Period+HunterSpread+.csv)'. HunterSpread - the name of the tool, csv is file extension.
  • End_Order - The number of last orders in the history to analyze.
  • Magik_Buy - The magic number of the orders to analyze.
  • Magik_Sell - The magic number of the orders to analyze.
  • SPREAD:- [0] - The number of occurrences of spread above or equal to Spred Big in the unfavorable direction.
  • SPREAD:+[0] - The number of occurrences of spread above or equal to Spred Big in the direction favorable for you.
  • MarginMAX: -[0] - The largest difference between unfavorable spreads.
  • MarginMAX:+[0] - The largest difference between favorable spreads.
  • Inspector - Spread receiver.
  • Supplier - Spread provider.
  • OrderSpread-[0] - Common unfavorable spread when opening/closing orders.
  • OrderSpread+[0] - Common favorable spread when opening/closing orders.

How to Use

  1. Run the tool on one chart (Inspector) and enable Spread.
  2. Enable Inspector spread-true,and set Supplier spread-false.
  3. Set the value of Spred Big.
  4. Set the value of End_Order - it depends on how many orders your Expert Advisor places.
  5. Set magic numbers Magik_Buy and Magik_Sell used by your EA.
  6. Set the value of Record max the max number of rows to write into the file.
  7. Run Hunter Spread on the second chart (Supplier) and torn on Spread.
  8. Set Supplier spread - true, and Inspector spread - false (no other settings needed on the second chart).
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