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Market Speed Alerter

Market Speed Alerter will inform you about danger to operate in the market.

Imagine you see a very nice setup (Forex, equities, binary options) and you decide to place your trade...

And you finally lose your trade and don't understand what happened.

This can happen due to big operations in the market carried out by banks and big institutions.

These operations are invisible for most people.

Now with the Market Speed Alerter you will be able to detect those operations... and stay out to avoid lose your money.

When you have an alert you will have to stop trading for 10 minutes.

If there are no new alerts then you will be able to resume trading.

You must place the Market Speed Alerter in each pair you want to trade. You can use the indicator in any time frame.

The indicator comes as a graphical shape displaying :

  • symbol and time frame of your chart
  • level of activity in the market (if level is more than 6 out of ten then you have to be prudent)
  • price (Ask, Bid, or mean price of Bid and Ask)
For those trading binary options the mean price will be useful to check that price of web broker is correct compared to price of your MetaTrader platform.

Alerts are given with sound and with the activity level in your chart.

Main inputs of the indicator are :

  • BarX/BarY : X and Y coordinates where the indicator should be displayed in your chart
  • BarColorUp/BarColorDown : colors to display the bar level
  • RectangleColor : color of background shape to be used
  • PriceMode (Ask, Bid, AskBidMean) : type of price to display in the shape
  • SoundAlert (True/False) : to listen to sound alerts
  • TestSound (True/False) : to check at init time that sound alerts are working

The indicator can be used with any type of asset class :

  • Forex
  • Equities
  • Binary Options
  • Futures
  • etc

Take care that initialization of indicator might last 10 to 30 seconds. So be patient please.

Garo44 2017.04.11 16:50   

Hello, I´ve just purchased your indicator, is there a way to modify its sensitivity?

Version 2.30 2017.04.26
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