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BreakOut Harvester

This Expert Advisor follow the traditional way of technical analysis. It enters the trade when there is a price breakout from resistance or support levels, which are determined based on the selected indicator (HighLow, Zigzag, Fractals). This system offers two type of money management, with stop loss and without stop loss (optional). Both money managements styles have Trailing Stop. The Trailing Stop can be specified in fixed amount or percentage between current highest price and entry price. This system is designed for the H1 timeframe for XAUUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY or other currencies.


  • Back-test the system first before make a purchase
  • Preferred to use with ECN account type with minimal spread (0.2-0.8 pips)
  • Able to run against big impact new
  • Minimal latency VPS or Hosting server


  • Indicator – Use for placing pending order
  • LotAdjust – Use to update previous optimal pending lot size to current optimal pending lot size. There is no effect if FixedLots is true.
  • FixedLots – If true, constant lot using for every order. If false lot size calculated by risk
  • Risk – Percentage of maximum account balance lost from stop loss
  • Lots – Only if FixedLot is true, order size
  • StopLossMode – Select between FixStopLoss and SmartStopLoss
  • TrailingMethod – Trailing Stop method between Fixed Trailing, Percentage Trailing and Smart Trailing
  • TakeProfit – Distance to take profit in point
  • PartialTakeProfitPercent – The EA will close a partial position after an order reach TakeProfit level
  • StopLoss – Only if MoneyManagement is NonMartingale, Distance to stop loss in point
  • TrailingStart – Distance to start modify stop loss in point from entry price
  • TrailingStop – If TrailingMethod is Fixed Trailing, distance to modify in point between market price and current stop loss. If TrailingMethod is Percentage Trailing, Percentage between current highest price and entry price.
  • HighLowPeriod – Only if Indicator is HighLow, Maximum Highest/Lowest price in the period to determine resistance and support
  • RollBack – After it make new high or new low, it need to fall/rise in specific amount before placing new pending order
  • MaxSpread – Use to filter the spread for placing pending order, will delete pending if spread exceed the limit
  • Slippage – Maximum price can be slipped from pending price
  • MagicNumber – Use to determine the EA id
  • ShowInfo – Show general information
  • TimeFilter – If true, it will start trading base on StartHour and stop trading on StopHour
  • StartHour – Start trading hour base on terminal time
  • StopHour – Stop trading hour base on terminal time
  • UseMartingale – If true, the EA will not use stop loss and do cost average
  • UseStopLoss – Only if MoneyManagement is Martingale, this function will add StopLoss on Martingale
  • UseTrailing – If true, use trailing stop. If false, do not forget to use take profit
  • StopLossMartingale – Set StopLoss in point on Martingale
  • OrderDistance – Only if MoneyManagement is Martingale, the distance in point until open another cost average order
  • LotsMultiple – Only if MoneyManagement is Martingale, weighted of order size for cost average order
  • MaxOrder – Limit the maximum trade order


  • If you wish to increase stop loss, it will be less sensitivity but it generate less profit (if risk per trade does not increase)
  • If stop level is greater than Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop will be at stop level.
  • Maximum risk is 20%
  • Minimum Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Start and Trailing Stop is at Broker Stop level
  • PercentageTrailingStop range between 3% - 80%

Thank you!

Ivan Yang
2016.11.25 09:54 

This is my first bot I bought, it work similar to my strategy using in trading stock. In stock market this strategy is profitable. I hope it work well here also.

The developer provide quite variety options to use in his/her bot

The backtest result look interesting, demo account look good.

Up to today I total gain a profit. There is some bad day but this bot itself is good.

Give 4 out of 5, There are some minor issues I does not like, The setting window is complicate, the default setting is too sensitive

Version 1.6 - 2017.05.02
===============Update 1.6===============
- Add reverse order (BuyLimit/SellLimit)
- Remove Martingale Strategy
Version 1.5 - 2017.02.17
===============Update 1.5===============
- Rearrange Input Parameter in order to reduce complexity
- Add Partial TakeProfit
Version 1.4 - 2016.12.19
===============Update 1.4===============
- TakeProfit fix for HighLow indicator
- TakeProfit fix for Fractals indicator
Version 1.3 - 2016.12.02
===============Update 1.3===============
- Add New Stoploss and Trailing feature (Heikin Ashi Based)
- Add Move To breakeven
- For martingale, add new stoploss on martingale

Update Description
- Smart Stoploss should use with Smart Trailing, but not necessary
- If SmartLoss used, ignore the stoploss(default 50)
- If Smart Stoploss used, turn on move to breakeven to make sure of unnecessary loss by modify stoploss at the profit in case the price is pullback or false break
- SmartStoploss/SmartTrailing Period use to modify order base on timeframe select, to take less time on modify please try lower timeframe
- UseStoploss on martingale on available, the EA will enter the order until hit maximum order, then looking for stoploss
Version 1.1 - 2016.11.08
===============Update 1.1===============
- Adjust default parameter
- Fixed the HighLow indicator
- Fixed LotAdjust function
- Remove minimum Rollback parameter restriction