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Exact Advisor

This Expert Advisor is based on proprietary indicator. It has multiple operation modes and is highly customizable. Thus, any user can choose the most optimal mode for trading.

Expert's Input Parameters

  • Lot - lot size for opening trades
  • Period - period of signals appearance
  • MaxOpenOrders - the maximum number of orders that can be simultaneously opened on the same symbol
  • TP - Take Profit
  • SL - Stop loss
  • closeOnopposite - Close the order when a reverse signal appears (If the MaxOpenOrders is not equal to 1, the parameter will be set to false)
  • Magic - magic number of this EA's orders

User can freely interfere with this EA's operation. For example, the EA has opened a deal, and you think it is necessary to close it, you can freely close it manually. This will have no impact on the EA operation.

The EA can work on all currency pairs and on timeframes from M5 to D1. The EA is highly customizable, you can select the most optimal operation mode that suits you.

The recommended deposit per 0.01 lot of one currency pair is $100.

2016.11.08 23:25 

There are good EAs in mql5 that are too expensive and/or have way too many parameters optimized only for one pair. Exact Advisor is simple, works good at any pair with default parameters and you have full control of the risk and the level of activity. The entries are good, and you can go along each order without disturb the EA operation. This is really a powerful tool, and not expensive. Sure deserves 5 stars!

Kwok Fung Chan
2016.10.10 19:36 

Good for quick profit. Drawdown is high but can be controlled by MaxOpenOrders and Stoploss.

In backtest it can earn $5000 per month just by trading 0.01 lot, with MaxOpenOrders set to 200.

I am running this EA on my real account.