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Bollinger Bands Simple


If you are searching for a standard Bollinger Bands trading robot, then this is the Bollinger Bands trading EA that uses the default indicator parameters:

  1. Period: 20
  2. Deviations: 2
  3. Applied Price: Close Price

Simply, It is trading the simple rule of the BB following the trend only.

  • No Hedge
  • No Martingale
  • No Grid
  • No Filter(s)
  • Low Risk

EA Parameters

  1. Magic Number: Trades' ID
  2. Fixed Lot Size: Trades' Lot Size
  3. Stop Loss (0 = Disable): Stop Loss in Pips
  4. Take Profit (0 = Disable): Take Profit in Pips
  5. Max. Slippage: Maximum Allowed Slippage (If exceeded, no trades will be placed)

The Main Differences Between this Version and the Advanced one

  • ‌Limited parameters, while same strategy/concept of the Advanced version! This may allow you to front test in low cost by renting it then shift to the Advanced version once you are determined to buy.
  • No Hedging.
  • No Auto-Lot type: only fixed.
  • BB parameters are fixed (as default).
  • This is the lower price version rather than Advanced version.
  • No more updates for the simple version (except the fixing bugs and errors if found).

Trades all Pairs except the Oil, Metals... etc

Works 24/5 detecting good chances only

Works with all brokers

Works with all Account Types

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