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Accurate Signal

This is an adaptive indicator, which generates accurate buy and sell signals. The signals are generates alternately (Buy-Sell-Buy-Sell). The top left corner contains information on signals accuracy and their profitability for the interval, defined in the NBars input parameter (default=1000). The accuracy is determined as the ratio of the number of accurate signals to the total number of signals. A Buy signal is considered accurate if its price is lower than the previous Sell signal, and vice versa, if the Sell signal price is above the previous Buy signal price, then this signal is also considered to be accurate. The profitability of the signals is displayed in points, all the profitable signals are summed during its calculation, and the unprofitable signals are subtracted.

Indicator Parameters

  • Nbars (default=1000) - the number of bars in history to perform calculation and to determine the accuracy of signals;
  • UseSound (default=true) - enable/disable sound signals;
  • UseAlert (default=true) - enable/disable text notifications;
Valery Pavlushev
2017.08.17 13:06 

Очень хорошее качество сигналов, но требует умного подхода!

2017.02.10 05:08 

The author of this signal gave the impression that his indicator was very accurate. After testing this indicator with its original settings, I have found that the indicator gave a lot of false signals, and it skipped some good moves. I then adjusted the inputs to see if I would get better results, it ended in failure. This indicator left me quite disappointed, I wish I could get my money back. I rate this indicator a one star, only because the arrows and the indicator information showed up on screen. This indicator is not even worth the 10 USD's that I paid for it. The inventor of this indicator needs to make the indicator more sensitive. An indicator called, "Silver Trend Signal Alert," does the same thing as this indicator and it's free in the, "Code Base," section of your MT4. (It's on the bottom of terminal).