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Pending Orders for Binary Options

The intention of this EA is to create "Pending Orders" for Binary Options for MT4 platform. It is not literally pending orders, as for OB that is not possible, but it's the same principle of forex: after reaching certain price, a trade, Call or Put, with the investment value and expiration time previously chosen will be open. All the four options are available: SELL STOP, SELL LIMIT, BUY STOP and BUY LIMIT.

This is a tool for those trading manually.

The EA parameters are

  • Create arrows on entries?: "True": will be created arrows once the trades are executed. "False": won't create.
  • Arrows color: self-explanatory.
  • Arrows width: self-explanatory.
  • Win color / Loss color: after the trade is expired, the EA search on history to see if it was a win or loss. If the position is winner a "check" object is created with "Win Color". Otherwise, it will be a "X" with "Loss Color".
  • Create entry text?: "True": will be created a text showing the price, operation, expiration and investment of the trade. "False": won't create.
  • Texts color: color of the texts both on the panel and on entries texts.
  • Create lines?: "True": create horizontal lines to identy where are the "pending orders". "False": won't create.
  • Call lines color: self-explanatory.
  • Put lines color: self-explanatory.
  • Lines style: self-explanatory.
  • Lines width: self-explanatory.
  • Buttons text color: color of the text on buttons.
  • MagicNumber: It's the "ID number" of the EA. It can be any integer number and only need to be changed if the EA is used in more than one timeframe in the same pair.

To register a pending order, fill the 4 parameters.

  • "Price" is where the pending order will be sent.
  • The "Operation" must be 1 or 2. Other value will not be accepted.
  • The "expiration" must be one of the available on your broker.
  • "Investment" must be an integer number. For example: "1", "5", "10" (some brokers have a minimum of 10 for investment).

After that, press "OK". The "Cancel" button will clean all text fields.

IMPORTANT: Once a order is placed, it will be executed only once and the related objects will be deleted. The orders will only open if the EA is not removed from the chart and if the platform was closed the orders are lost.

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