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Protected CCI Trader

The Protected CCI Trader is a counter-trend Expert Advisor mainly based on CCI indicator. It also uses other built-in standard indicators, such as MA, ATR, to check the market entry/exit conditions.

It is recommended to run this EA on the EURUSD M5 timeframe.

Here the "protected" means that when the EA opens position at the wrong time, it can also open "protective" position on other symbol such as USDCHF, to protect your money from more further loss.

Although I didn't do too much optimization of the input parameters, the default input parameters can make the EA run well in the backtest for the past ten years.

Input Parameters

Indicator Settings:

  • CCI Period - period of CCI indicator.
  • CCI Level 1 - order opening/closing criteria, the maximum CCI value on the previous bar.
  • CCI Level 2 - order opening/closing criteria, minimum CCI value on the current bar.
  • CCI Threshold - minimum difference between the current and previous bar.
  • Check CCI Buffers - number of records to check.
  • ATR Threshold - ATR value to check the market volatility, then make a decision to open a position or not.
  • MA Threshold - MA difference value to check the market trend strength, then make a decision to open a position or not. 

General Settings:

  • EA Magic Number.
  • Take Profit Level (in pips).
  • Stop Loss Level (in pips).
  • Max Risk (in percent) - percent of money which you will use for the margin of an order.
  • Min Lot Size.
  • Max Lot Size.
  • ECN account or not.
  • Disable stoploss.

Protective Order Settings:

  • Enable Protective Order or Not.
  • Protective Order Symbol - the symbol of protective order, default is USDCHF.
  • Protective Order Gap (in pips) - loss in pips to open a protective order.
  • No One Direction Protective - if this value is set to true and a protective order is still opened, the EA won't open a new position on EURUSD in the same direction.
  • Protective Order Coefficient - it is used to calculate the lot size of the protective order.
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