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Guns Volume history demo

The Gun's volume history is a trading panel based on the Gun's Volume Expert Advisor, designed for opening deals in quotes history for testing strategies.

Does not work o real quotes. Its counterpart for real trading is the Gun's Volume panel.

Attention: This is a demo-version of the EA. It is developed for testing and works only on GBPJPY. The full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18046

How does it work?

  1. Start the strategy tester.
  2. Select the Gun's volume history in the list of experts.
  3. Select the currency pair, the price range and the model for testing. (It is recommended to use the control points).
  4. Press Start.
  5. After that, it is recommended to pause the tester and manage the quotes using the F12 key.

How to open a trade?

  1. Set the risk percentage in the EA settings. This is the percentage of your funds on your account that you are willing to risk per one trade operation.
  2. Use a mouse to drag your prospective stop loss on a required level and Guns Volume will automatically determine required trading volume.
  3. Click the BUY or the SELL button and a trade with required trading volume and preset stop will automatically open.
  4. For pending orders, apart from a potential stop, the line of potential market entry by a pending order should be moved.
  5. Click the Breakeven button and the EA will move stop loss to breakeven.
  6. The Trailing button enabled Trailing stop.
  7. The Takeprofit button sets take profit for the ratio specified in the parameters (Take profit = Stop Loss* n). The default value is one to three.
  8. The CLOSE ALL button closes all open trades.
  9. The Del pending button deletes all pending orders.
  10. The News button allows trading news. It sets pending orders and stop losses in a specified range above and below the current price. The orders are set with the volume calculated based on the risk percentage. After one of the orders is activated, another one is automatically removed to avoid a lock.
  11. The Lines On button makes potential stop and entry lines for a pending order visible. After opening a deal or placing an order by pressing the button, the lines can be made hidden.
  12. The Reset lines button returns the potential stop and entry lines for a pending order to the current price.
  13. The right and left buttons in the upper panel add or subtract 0.5% of the risk. Thus, you can quickly increase or decrease the risk.

What Else You Need to Know About the EA?

Guns Volume is meant for trading only majors, crosses and gold<. If you going to trade other metals or CFD, make sure that your EA correctly calculates trading volume for these symbols. Different brokers might have different calculations. Multiply the trailing stop parameter by 10 to trade gold. For instance, set to 100 if you want to place 10 points.

Please note that many brokers have such a concept as minimum allowed distance from the price for placing stop orders (it is subject to trailing stop as well). For example if it is 5 points for gold, enter 50 in parameters.

P.S. Please watch the video for better understanding.

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Version 2.4 2017.12.11
Optimized for the new terminal versions.